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app icon brings you a great new app: "CamLock" , a videocamera that is able to shoot video with fixed exposure, fixed whitebalance and last but not least: fixed focus.
This video camera app will let you make excellent screenvideos for game demos by delivering you: correctly exposed, stable whitebalanced, selectively focussed, straight horizoned footage.

Please Note: iPhone 4S users, you also have the option to film 1280x720 @ 60fps, great for creating slowmotion in postprocessing.


  • Lockable exposure, whitebalance and focus
  • Bubble level indicator + tilt indicator for straight/controlled shooting
  • Device dependant functionality, IPhone 4S has most features including video torch mode, 60 fps and extra high quality 1280x720 video mode.
  • Switchable video quality modes
  • Onboard on-/offline tutorials including images to calibrate the cam for screencamming
  • Slider which changes opacity of the user interface (see screenshots)
  • Possibility to calibrate your accelerometer (many devices don't have a straight horizon)
  • Retina (HD) resolution implemented user interface
  • Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPod 4th gen, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s preferably on iOS5

V2 contains new features such as:

  • Toggable viewports (also during recording):
    a. normal mode with realtime roll & pitch monitoring
    b. large mode (NEW!), bigger, cleaner viewport for better ability to judge focus and composition
  • Settable capture framerate, going up from 1 fps up to 30 fps. (60 fps for iPhone 4S in 1280x720)
  • Added possibility to rotate camera 180 degrees (upside down), to be able to use ALM mCAM (previously known as the OWLE Bubo) together with for instance the "ENCINEMA SLR ADAPTER".
    When you rig your iPhone/iPod with these extensions the image appears and records normally with this mode set.
  • some other small tweaks
    - Better and more functional looks, added contrast to the switches so in sunny conditions you're better able to see the locks
    - video quality switch in settings is more device specific, telling resolution not just high, medium, low
    - toggable grid, it can be switched off now not just faded out with the rest of the gui


CamLock is an Appjuice product, it's the third production on our own label.

  • Graphics created by Jeroen van Goor
  • Programming: Jeroen van Goor
  • Beta testing: Johan ten Broeke & Jorg Roosma
Appjuice is an initiative of



If you've bought CamLock and have some questions regarding as to how to use it, please take a look at our tutorials section, these tutorials are also available from within the app. Press the compass icon in the borromright corner, choose section:
"How to use it!"

Watch the CamLock app Demo video here
Watch other examples of CamLock output here and here

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If you're using CamLock for your video footage and have any ideas/remarks that might improve our application in any way or you need some kind of help, feel free to contact us:

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These are the written reviews so far:

It does work great - 5 stars
                <br/>by havenofearbigwheelishere - Version 1.0 - 19 April 2011
                <br/>This app is awesome, one of the best in the photography category that I've purchased. In my initial review I wrote, 'The exposure control is always dimmed on my iPhone 4 any suggestions?', well if I had read the tutorials... I apologize to the developer.<br/>
        Thank you. - 5 stars
                <br/>by Lee_Bryant - Version 1.0 - 16 May 2011
                <br/>I don't know why the default camera doesn't have these settings, but at least we do know. This app does what it says. Enough said.<br/>
        Been waiting for this app - 5 stars<br/>by Vid Matt - Version 1.0 - 01 April 2011<br/>I've been waiting for an app like this to be made. Exposure and focus lock work great!! I've had no problems!
Great App!!! - 5 stars by Dust Devil - Version 1.0 - 23 April 2011
        If you want to make your iPhone movies the best that they can be, you NEED this app. Nothing else comes close. Perfect exposure/white balance and focus that won't shift during a shot. A must have tool if you have the new Steadicam 'Smoothee' as it eliminates the staggering frame caused by the auto focus and gives you the smoothest video possible. The spirit level helps balance the Steadicam too. Perfect for difficult lighting situations. Highly recommended!
Sehr gute App! - 5 stars
                <br/>by der therapist - Version 1.0 - 07 April 2011
                <br/>Ich gebe dieser App ganze 5 Sterne! Sie ermöglicht dem Nutzer, die automatischen Einstellungen der IPhone-Kamera zu ignorieren und somit Material aufzunehmen das frei von 'Lichtpumpen' und Auto-Fokus-Missverständnissen ist. Großartig für jeden ambitionierten Mobil-Filmemacher! Bitte aber noch den 'Exposure'-Bug fixen! (Tut der App aber keinen Abbruch)
                Einfach Klasse! - 5 stars<br/>
                by Kabe aus M. - Version 1.0 - 10 May 2011<br/>
                Für jeden, der nicht nur knipsen will, unverzichtbar! Konstante Belichtung, kein Rumpumpen des Focus, konstante Ergebnisse.<br/>
                Cool App - 5 stars<br/>
                by - Version 1.0 - 03 May 2011<br/>
                I really appreciate the set of valueable functions and especially the locks making the iPhone a real video camera and creative tool. A 5 Star App. My wish for a next release would be a usage of geotagging.<br/>
A great start! - 5 stars
                <br/>by Domestox - Version 1.0 - 02 April 2011<br/>
                I like the idea of having more control over my video settings and this delivers but there is room for improvement. You can lock the white balance and focus but for some reason you have to be recording before you can lock the exposure. While I can appreciate the retro design I'd like the option of having the screen less cluttered with levels and dials and the preview screen a little bigger. That said it's the first video app I've seen that offers this level of control and I'm looking forward to future updates! :)
Äntligen!!! - 4 stars
                <br/>by Cpt_Tom - Version 1.0 - 25 April 2011<br/>Detta har jag väntat på! Det verkar även fungera som lovat. Man måste börja filma före man kan låsa exponeringen och så är den Lite långsam och därav 4/5. Men den fungerar som sagt :-D.

So far I hear only one complaint, I refer to this problem in my app description as well and I quote:
"*Note: Due to some glitchy behaviour in iOS 4.3 - 4.3.1 I've decided to enable Exposure Lock only when recording has started (on devices running these iOS 4.3 or later, earlier versions behave as expected). Since these new iOS versions it turned out the exposure lock wouldn't stay on when recording starts/stops. Apple has been notified and I hope it is fixed soon.
Update: Since iOS 5.0 the problems have been resolved by Apple and everything is back to normal, I've updated the app to accomodate for this fix!


Onboard on-/offline tutorials

Calibrationsheets for screencamming