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12-31-2013 update VERSION 1.4

  • Added better watermark management (deleting/renaming)
  • Screen support iPhone 5
  • watermark opacity control
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Appjuice.com brings you a great new app: "Watermarker" , an app that allows you to brand or watermark your video's whether you use an image / logo or a spiffy line of text: Watermarker will do it fast and good. You have precise control over where and how large your logo/text will appear.

available on the appstore


  • touch to position roughly in top left top right bottom left bottom right position. Fine tune with margin and size sliders
  • adjustable watermark size. Definition is relative to video width, going from small to 100%
  • optionally locakable centered position, centered horizontal position
  • slider adjustable margins
  • slider adjustable opacity/alpha
  • optional fading in/out in- and outpoint and duration are settable

specifically text mode:

  • choose from all installed fonts on the iPhone/iPod. (Currently over 160 faces, 59 families)
  • choose any colour for your text
  • sizing text works as mentioned before, it's dependant on textlength and setting it fullsize (100%) means it spans across the whole video

specifically image mode:

  • images used as watermarks can be any png/jpeg from the photoroll. To get transparant pngs into your roll use email right now (email a png to yourself and save it to the photoroll) or save it from a website in mobile safari (try for instance the blue watermarker icon on this website).
  • some sample images are included to get you started. Just be creative, use it for vignetting, texturing or branding
  • Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, and iPod 4th gen

Tutorials / help

controls_screenIf you've bought Watermarker and have some questions regarding as to how to use it, please take a look at our tutorial video here. I've decided for this app to leave the tutorials out of the app, to save on download size and create the meanest & leanest experience possible.

Watch the Watermarker app Demo video here
Watch other examples of Watermarker output here and here


Watermarker is an Appjuice product, it's the fifth production on our own label.

  • Graphics created by Jeroen van Goor
  • Programming: Jeroen van Goor
  • Beta testing: Johan ten Broeke
Appjuice is an initiative of fullscreen.nl

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Contact us


If you're using Watermarker for your video footage and have any ideas/remarks that might improve our application in any way or you need some kind of help, feel free to contact us:

>> Mini feedback form


Using text as watermark

Watermarker showing a preview of first frame and processing a video

Setting up a text picking one of the many available faces (over 160 provided by iOS 5)

Example of setting up a centered text

watermarker busy video processing iphone 4s
watermarker choosing font color textmark iphone 4s
watermarker settings for horizontally centered text iphone 4s

Some other screens

Optional settable fading in/out point and fade duration
Optional settable fading in/out point and fade duration
Optional settable fading in/out point and fade duration