Monkey Swipe

app brings you a great new title: "Monkey Swipe, reach for the stars!"
The objective of this game is to get to the Star, you play Monkey, a human soul trapped in a monkey face, in order to reach your goal you'll have to manipulate your environment, use any available objects and avoid the hungry basterds, or you will be defeated.


  • Tutorial mode to get familiar with most objects and mechanisms
  • User switchable graphics from vector style to doodle style and vice versa
  • 40 levels for free, 120 more levels packed with fun gameplay unlockable via "In App Purchase"
  • Random Play Mode


controls_screenClick and drag (swipe) anywhere to give your monkey the right direction and speed. All you need to do is "Reach for the Stars"

Watch the Monkey Swipe Demo video here

Watch another video of Monkey Swipe on an iPad here


Monkey Swipe is an Appjuice product, it's the second game from our mini gamestudio.
Cocos2d, Box2d and CocosDenshion frameworks were used for game graphics/physics and soundFX.

  • Graphics* and sounds created by Johan ten Broeke & Jeroen van Goor
  • Programming: Johan ten Broeke & Jeroen van Goor
Appjuice is an initiative of

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You can download logo's, in game screenshots, artwork and descriptive text in one zip package, right here


Titlescreen Monkey Swipe

Main menu!

Level view, One Wiggle

Doodle level view, same level

Settings screen

Daily Swipe score

Achievements in OpenFeint

LeaderBoard in OpenFeint

Tutorial mode

Credit screen